Luxury Kitchens and Bedrooms Designed for You!

Fill Your New Kitchen with Quality Appliances in South West London and Surrey areas

No matter if you choose one of our budget suites or a luxury kitchen, you still need a set of appliances to complete the job. At Oliver’s Kitchens & Bathrooms Ltd, in Morden, Surrey, we supply an extensive range of brand-new kitchen fittings and appliances as well as high-quality worktops. We offer customers many different appliances, such as:

Dishwashers - Fridge Freezers - Washing Machines - Cookers - Sinks

Combined with the Design

To make sure that your appliances complement the design of your kitchen, we combine the services. Our designer will discuss your budget and ask which appliances you want for your kitchen. They will then accommodate the units within the design, ensuring a practical and ergonomic layout. Please note that our appliances are only available when you purchase one of our kitchens.

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